Sunday, September 30, 2012

Assignment #5

Travis Allen

Travis makes arguments for ischool, cost reductions, cost of an ischool education,
and ease on the enviornment. I do not know how much research
went into the cost analysis, however if those numbers are correct then he is
definitely on to something. Travis says it costs school systems $600 to educate
one student and $150 for the ischool. Travis also states with the reduced need
for paper and pencils, the enviornment will be helped. It was a wonderful
presentation, he even included some apps that are in use now as a basis for
his presentation.

My reaction to his presentation is, I need a more detailed plan. By more
detailed I mean, what grades whould use the ischool? Would this be left to
individual states or federally mandated? Those are just a few of the questions
that comes to mind. I do believe it is a great idea and we are 10 to 15 years
away from it being embraced.

This Use of the Internet

The most creative way to use the internet that I can remember. I am sure the
logistics of this project was a nightmare!

Teaching in the 21st Century

Teaching is changing. The classroom is also changing, the days of opening books
and following along as the instructor is going over the planned lesson is fading
fast. Mr. Roberts poses the question, should we focus on facts, content, or
skills? With the ever evolving classroom, teaching styles and content will have
to keep pace. I see this effecting myself, as a future educator, challenging
myself to keep my students engaged.

Flipped Classroom

I could definitely see myself using this teaching tool! I certainly would not use posters, I would use a smartboard and powerpoint presentation, I think that would make it more professional looking.


  1. Hi Broderick,
    I had some of the same questions you did about the iSchool Initiative. I feel like it might be a little hard for grades K-2 or 3 to use only electronics. That’s just my personal opinion though! The first section of your post was nice. You explained what Travis Allen’s idea was, and you even shared your opinion on it, but the rest of your post was a little lacking. For example, you didn’t explain to your readers what a “Flipped Classroom” is. You have to remember to summarize whatever it is that you were reading and/or viewing to your readers. I would suggest approaching the assignments as if you were writing to someone who is not in EDM 310. If they had never heard of flipping a classroom then they would be very confused about why you yourself would use this form of teaching in the future. Also, remember to check your spelling. Before you publish, hit the “Compose” button that is located right next to the “HTML” button. You’ll find a spell-check button at the end of the ribbon that appears over the top of the content box. You can use this to help check for spelling errors.
    Remember in the future to summarize as well as leave your opinion.
    Good luck, Victoria

  2. Broderick,
    I thought your post was very well written and insightful. Your commentary on Travis Allen's iSchool Initiative was really great and I liked that you gave us your concerns instead of just accepting it at face value. If you would really like to know more, you can visit the iSchool Initiative Blog at to read what they have been up to or find out the details of their proposed initiative!
    Also, for the "This Use of the Internet" portion, I could only infer from the context and the link that this was supposed to be Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir video. Be sure to be more descriptive, give more details, and tell how this relates to education. Think....How could something like this be used for an educational purpose? For what subjects? Could students put something like this together with other students/schools? Be more thorough! Use your creative side!
    Also, be sure when you incorporate a link that it is a clickable link. The instructions for this procedure are in the Instruction Manual and on the board in the lab.
    I would also like to add that your commentary on Teaching in the 21st century was perfect! I was disappointed that you did not apply this crafty wording and detail to the rest of the post! Also, when you said, "I see this effecting myself, as a future educator, challenging
    myself to keep my students engaged", I wish you could have given us an example! Tell us why you think this will effect you, what you might do as a solution. It never hurts to be thinking ahead! You will be in a classroom soon enough :)
    Keep up the good work,