Sunday, September 16, 2012

Assignment #3

Peer Editing
Peer editing can be a "sticky situation". On one hand no one is trying to hurt
anyone's feelings or break someones spirit towards the specified classwork. On
the other hand, we must under take this task and be very professional about it.
We as students should take our feelings out of the process and look at it

The learning that occurred after viewing the videos, include being specific in
the editing. Also, compliment, suggest, and correct when involved in peer
editing. I think the suggesting part may be the most helpful because this,
in my opinion, is where the sharing of ideas and learning occurs.

Technology in Special Education
I think it is phenomenal the way technology has changed the way special needs kids
are learning and being taught. Computers alone have changed the way course
material is being presented as well as learned. Technology has given a voice to
the voiceless.

I would definitely use tablets, smart boards, and basically anything that would
enhance and enable the learning experience in my classroom. Tablets would have
reading programs on the to read to kids. Smart boards could be used to display
power points and videos.

Read & Write: Letters, Sounds, and Combinations is the app of my choice. It
helps students to recognize letters,pronounce letter sounds, practice blend
and digraph combinations. This would help any special needs students with language

Vicki Davis: Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
Great video! This is the type of learning I expect for my kids! It is very
exciting for myself to see this going on. Ms. Davis is an excellent teacher,
in my opinion, and shares the same views on learning as I do.

Ms. Davis is teaching her students, in a rural community, how to connect with
the world. They are connecting with other students around the world through
forums and blogs. Once again, this is very exciting for myself!

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