Sunday, September 2, 2012

Assignment #2

Did You Know?
This video is full of insightful information. Also, this information may be
concerning to us, as Americans. I find it alarming, to say the least, that India
is generalized as, for a lack of better word, smarter than us Americans.

I have a hard time believing China will have more English speaking citizens
than the United States. I understand China's population plays a huge role in
drawing this conclusion, however America's population is not at a stand still.
China is "westernizing" their society by hiring American teachers to live
in China and teach English. I would have to see it to believe it.

Mr. Winkle Wakes
This is a very interesting video! As interesting as the video is, it is also
a very real look into what could happen if one were to sleep and awaken for
same amount of time as Mr. Winkle. Technology continues to grow and advance.
The rate of advancement gets faster and faster.

Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity
I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Mr. Robinson captures my exact views on children
in respect to creativity. We as a society do not foster or nurture kids ability
to be creative, in my opinion. The fear of being wrong has overtaken the
boldness of being creative. Can one be wrong and creative at the same time?
I for one think not. There is no right way or wrong way to be creative.

I too think the arts are undervalued in our educational system. With musicians,
artists, and choreographers playing a huge role in our society, more attention
should be paid to nurturing these skills as well as our traditional reading,
writing, and arithmetic. I feel the traditional skills can be blended with
nontraditional skills to enhance the learning experience.

Think about the FUTURE
The future is exciting and unknown. We all hope to see the new technology,
but in reality we may or may not be alive to see it. Are we being taught in
preparation for the future? Are we going to be able to teach our future students
with our eye on the future?

When I think of the future, I envision a great place of new ideas and a wealth
of technological advances that is beyond my imagination. Learning will be
integrated into said technology. The classroom would be the platform for
preparing students for the brave new technical world!


  1. "This video is full of insightful information. Also, this information may be
    concerning to us, as Americans." You must follow these types of sentences with specifics. The only "information" you discuss is your contention that the article suggests India is smarter than the United States which is NOT what is said. You are on target when you say (about China) "population plays a huge role." In fact, that is all it says. I could just have easily have written that the 25% of the Indian population with the largest eyes outnumber the entire United States population that have eyes!

    The Unites States is growing, but not nearly as fast as China. Check it out and respond in a comment below.

    "Technology continues to grow and advance.
    The rate of advancement gets faster and faster" is not the central argument of Mr. Winkle Wakes. What is the argument Mathew Needleman is making?

    Your paragraphs on Sir ken Robinson are well done.

    Did you watch one or more of the Corning Glass videos? It is not apparent from what you have written.

  2. Broderick had the same ideas about these videos as I did. He did a great job of expressing his views on the subjects and it made his blog really interesting to read. The grammar and spelling all seemed to be on point with me and he got his point across pretty smoothly. The way that he could relate to Mr. Robinson's views made it even better because it seemed like he enjoyed the video. He wasn't just "going through the motions."