Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blog Post #12

We are to create an assignment and do it, in our particular area of study.
I am a Special Education major (secondary education), I want to coach football at
the middle school level. Make no mistake about it football coaches are teachers!
Instead of a classroom the football field is the classroom!
1. Select three NFL coaches and NCAA coaches whom you admire. Place their
pictures in your blog.
2. Tell why these coaches were selected. In other words, what specific
qualities drew you to them. Qualities can overlap and be used more than once.
3. Embed a video clip in your blog of each one that embodies those qualities.

Mike Tomlin

Mike has a cool intenseness about him. I wnat to bring this to my classroom
as well as my team. No moment or nothing seems to big for him, he takes everything
in stride. In the the clip, he ask the question "what are you willing to do?".
That can apply to any and everything we do in life!

Bill Belichick

Bill has made a career out of being consistent and doing what is best for his
team. I would like to take these to qualities and bring it to the classroom
and the football field. There are only two current coaches who have been with their
franchises for over ten years and Bill is the only one with a superbowl title.
In the video Bill's consistency is the theme.

Sean Payton

Sean's willingness to lay it all on the line in the biggest moment to enhance
his team's success is the quality I am taking with me. He was not going to
hold anything back. I want to impart this to my students and players, give it your
all and hold nothing back! In the video, Sean takes a risk that pays off and this
is the insight behind that decision.

Nick Saban

Nick is consistent, very intense, and highly successful, however I want his
ability to communicate with his kids. I think this is an overlooked quality
in education. It is not what we know, but what do the kids know! In the video Nick
talks about star and money, postions in his defense that he assigned
these nicknames. What I take from this is his ability to take a position and
give it a cool name like star, kids want to be the star and now at Alabama they
can play the star position!

Chip Kelly

Chip's offense is FUN. That is what I take from him. The kids want to have fun
and if learning takes place, it is all the better! In the video Chip and Urban
Meyer break down Oregon's high powered offense!

Cool Intensity, consistentcy, making tough decisions, taking risks, communication,
and having fun, these qualities are what I am taking with
me to make a positive influence on kids lives whether it be on the football
field or in the classroom.


  1. Yes, coaches are teachers. In fact, I think teachers should be coaches!

  2. Coaches are a perfect example of teachers because they teach through example and experience. You probably won't find a football coach that never played football a day in his life. That wouldn't make any sense. As teachers we need to be pros in our field just like top coaches. Our students need to know they can trust what we are saying because we actually know what we are talking about. Great post!