Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blog Post #11

Ms. Cassidy

Ms. Cassidy uses some very effective techniques, however I cannot help but
wonder how much of this is being retained. As the father of a first grader, I know
first hand the aptitude of a first grader and this seems to advanced to actually
be retained. Ms. Cassidy herself said he students are only blogging one sentence.
Believe me a first grader cannot put a sentence together much less be able to
spell the most of the words in the sentence! I believe making a video is quite
possibly the most effective of her techniques. Making a video would only be
limited the child's vocabulary and not the ability to write effectively.

Making videos would definitely be something I would be interested in doing with
my class. As a Special Education major, I would be challenged as to how I could
make an effective learning experience out of the video. A potential impediments
would be administration, fellow instructors, and student's parents. To get the
buy in from them I would have to show them how effective this would be to the
student's learning experience and also how this would enhance them as students.

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  1. Hey Myles,

    I understnad your concerns with the limited experience of first graders using technology, but don't we have to start somewhere? Did you not see the students in the first video? They seemed to understand exactly what Mrs. Cassidy was teaching them.

    You need to proof your post before you publish them. You also don't have a picture for your post.

    Stephen Akins