Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blog Post 7

The Networked Student

This video centers around a student in a class that has no books. The student must
learn to learn through the internet and connecting with others via the
internet. This can be accomplished through blogs and or search engines, just to name a few.

My reaction to this video is, it is a great concept. I do not think I would
implement it in my classroom as a sole purpose learning platform, however it
could be used for three to four projects a year. I think that would maximize
the effectiveness of such a learning platform.

In the last minute of the video the question was asked "why does a networked
student need a teacher"? The role of the teacher, in this case, is to be
a learning architect, modeler, learning concierge, connected learning incubator,
network sherpa, synthesizer, change agent. As one can tell, the teacher has
many roles and can be in multiple roles at any given time.

A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment (or PLN)

That was great information. It is amazing how technology is changing the way we
learn, as well as the way we are being taught!


  1. Your blog post does not clearly describe your thoughts about the assigned reading. The sentence "The student must learn to learn..." is a bit confusing. "The student must research how to learn using the internet to connect with others." is easier to understand making the same point. In this sentence "why does a networked student need a teacher?" should be written as "Why does a networked student need a teacher?"

    I offer the following suggestions for improvements to your blog post. First, add an image and reference a link to your blog information. I would also add more content information about the subject matter. Tell us why you don't think you would be able to use the concept more often in the classroom. I would have enjoyed reading more of your thoughts about the 7th Grader's PLN too. Your Twitter button does not work and you have not included your Facebook, Email Address and Skype buttons on your blog page as instructed in a previous activity. Your spelling is good on this post.

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  3. Hey Broderick,

    You need to resubmit this post. This is not acceptable as a blog post assignment. You didn't complete this assignment because your paragraphs are very minimal, and do not reflect that you watched all of the videos. Paragraphs should have at least 5 sentences, and none of yours have over three sentences.

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