Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blog Post #6

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

Randy Pausch is a phenomenal lecturer. His teaching methods are innovative and
from watching this lecture he is a good person. He stated in the lecture, he
hated book learning and thought one could learn more from doing things than from
reading a book. I agree with his position on book learning.

Randy started a masters program at the university he taught at, and the
curriculum consisted of a series of projects aimed at learning to work with
others as well as pushing the envelope of what education should be. He also
entitled this lecture "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" and went about
the story of how he made his dreams his reality.

Interestingly, Randy introduced the concept of "head fake", which has any names and
applications, however he used it to take advantage of your attention and
make one think one purpose while all along having a totally different
purpose. When used in the classroomit can be a powerful tool in capturing the
attention of your class. Kids love learning indirectly, because it is fun and
does not seem like learning.

In reacting to this lecture, I find this to be something that everyone should
view. I believe what is said in this lecture could be used by everyone in thier
everyday lives. Randy's contributions to education are remarkable and are going
to stand the test of time.

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