Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blog Post #13

Back To the Future
I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Mr. Cosby enhances the educational experience and makes it fun to learn!

A Vision of Students Today
This is an interesting video. It appears to me, the message being sent is,
the way education is setup now, is doing more harm than good. I do not agree with
this message. I view present academia as a process, part of the process is
attending class (which happens to coincide with showing up at work). College
is setup to not only educate in the classroom, but to educate on the ways of the adult
world! Not all the classes college students have to pass correlate to their

The present setup of attending class is not going anywhere anytime soon,
so instead of complaining and dreaming up new ways to reinvent education, we
should think of ways to enhance the education experience. In the video there
is a segment where percentages were being shown of what people do during a day
and the total of hours was 26.4. Obviously there are only 24 hours a day,
however the amount of wasted time was astounding! Three hours a day on
facebook! 2.5 hours a day talking on the phone! 2.5 hours listening to music!
That is eight wasted hours, one third of the day wasted on frivolous endeavors.
Even if listening to music was combined with the time on facebook, that would
still be 5.5 hours wasted. The present setup of academia is not perfect, yet it
is the only one we have!

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